Thursday, August 30, 2012

Onion Paratha

Yummy Parathas - My all time favorite
I would like to share another 'school lunch box recipe' which my son and his friends  just love.
Paratha in any form is everyone's favourite. Paratha for breakfast, paratha for lunch and again paratha for dinner. You can pack this in the school lunch box with pickle or ketchup, as your child prefers. Hot onion paratha with butter for breakfast  is divine.
Makes two Parathas

Onion. 1/2 cup , very finely chopped
Green chilly.        4-5 pieces, very finely chopped
Coriander leaves.   a few, very finely chopped
Red chilly pd.        half of 1/4 tsp
Garam masala pd.  half of 1/4 tsp
Dry Mango pd.       half of 1/4tsp.
Salt.                         To taste

You will also need :

Roti dough.*.         2 small balls - *refer to my wheat flour dough recipe below. It can be used for making plain chapatties and  all kind of stuffed parathas.

Dry flour for rolling parathas.
Oil for cooking parathas.


  1. Place  the girdle(tawa), preferably  non stick  on flame to heat.
  2. Mix all ingredients except salt and dry flour.
  3. Take one ball and roll it in dry flour and press it a little to flatten it.
  4. Roll it out  into a small disk with a rolling pin.
  5. Sprinkle  a pinch of dry flour on the disk.
  6. Now keep half of onion mixture on the centre of the disk.
  7. Again sprinkle a pinch of dry flour.
  8. Now sprinkle salt to taste and mix lightly.
  9. Pull up all sides of the disk carefully and seal it like you would seal a momo. Pinch of excess dough and  roll it lightly in your palms.
  10. Roll this stuffed ball in dry flour, press it lightly  and roll it into a six inch diameter disk, very carefully as onion releases juices  when mixed with salt.
  11. It is a little tricky to roll it out as it sticks to rolling pin, so flour your rolling pin also and keep sprinkling flour on the paratha also.
  12. Try using  as little dry flour as possible.
  13. Now gently lift it and put on a hot and greased girdle.
  14. Cook on one side till dotted with golden spots.
  15. Turn it and apply a little oil on the cooked side. Repeat on the other side.
  16. Now cook your paratha till it is nice and golden.
  17. Repeat the process to make another paratha.
  18. Cook parathas on medium to low heat.

* Wheat Flour Dough for Parathas.

This is basic wheat flour dough recipe which can be used to make plain chapatti es as well as all kind of stuffed parathas. This recipe  will give 4 - 5 chapatti es or parathas.
Makes 4-5 

Ingredients :

Wheat flour.         1cup / 145 gms.
Oats.                     1 heaped tbsp. / 11gms.
Water                    150 ml.
Salt.                       A big pinch.

Method :

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients . Now slowly add water to make a soft dough.
  2. Quantity of water may  vary depending on quality of flour.
  3. Knead the dough well to make it pliable.
  4. I like to knead the dough with hand.
  5. You can use a  food processor if you like but adjust the quantity of water.
  6. Cover and keep it for at least half an hour.
  7. Use it as required.
  8. Left over dough can be stored in the fridge for at least 24 to 48 hours.