Yum and Delicious Choco wonders .
With festive season round the corner, I am on the lookout for new recipes which  served  to guests at home and can also be used for gifting friends and family.

I have been making  chocolate walnut fudge ( not the regular soft one) . This time I  have tweaked it a little to create  these little wonders.  Basic ingredients : chocolate, Marie biscuit, condensed milk , are used in both the recipes.

For mixed dried fruits :  you can use ginger peel, citrus peel, dried cranberries, raisins,sultanas,and dates.
Mixed nuts : walnuts, cashew, almonds, pistachio , hazelnuts

This picture doesn't show my little wonders rolled in pistachio pd coz at that time I didn't have pistachio pd. but you go ahead and do it.

Ingredients : gives 25 - 30 wonders.

Butter ( unsalted ) 40 gms.
Pure vanilla extract.  1tsp
Semisweet chocolate.  100 gms
Icing sugar  50 gms
Marie biscuits  100 gms
Mixed dried fruits.  100 gms
Mixed Nuts.   100 gms
Irish Cream Baileys  50 ml
Condensed milk  50 ml.
Chilly flakes  1/4 cup
Pistachio pd  1/4 cup
Cashew pd.  14 cup


  1. Crush Marie biscuits into small pieces.
  2. Chop all nuts and dried fruits into small pieces. Add 2 tbsp of baileys to these and mix well.
  3. Melt butter and chocolate in a double boiler.* once the chocolate has melted, add icing sugar, salt, baileys, condensed milk. Mix well.
  4. Now add Marie biscuits, nuts and dried fruit mix and vanilla extract. Continue to cook till this chocolate mix starts leaving side of the pan.
  5. Remove from gas and let it cool.
  6. Divide the mixture into 25 - 30 equal sized pieces and roll into smooth balls.
  7. Roll one third of these ball in chilly flakes, one third in pistachio pd, and one third in cashew nut pd.
  8. Keep them refrigerated.
  9. While serving arrange  alternately.

* double boiler : take water in a pan. Put it to boil. Take chocolate and butter in a pan that fits on this pan. Chocolate and butter mixture will melt from indirect heat. Entire cooking in this recipe has to be done on double boiler.