Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saffron - Cardamom infused rotis ( flat bread) for Kebabs

Delicately flavoured rotis. Ideal to be served with a Kebab of your choice.

Ingredients : gives 8 rotis

All purpose flour.                   1 1/2cup
Warm milk.                           1/3 cup
Saffron                                  a few strands
Cardamom pd                        1 tsp
Sugar                                    1 tsp
Salt                                       1/2 tsp
Oil                                        1 tbsp
Fine semolina                        1 tbsp
Water                                   as required.

  1. Mix saffron , cardamom pd, salt, sugar, semolina and oil in milk. 
  2. Let it stand for five minutes.
  3. Take flour in a  bowl. 
  4. Make a hole in the centre and pour the milk mixture.
  5. Mix properly. Add water if needed to get a soft dough. 
  6. I used 1 1/2 tbsp water.
  7. Knead for a couple of minutes to increase its elasticity .
  8. Cover and let it rest for an hour.
  9. Divide the dough into 8 equal parts. 
  10. Roll between your palms to make smooth balls.
  11. Heat a nonstick girdle.
  12. Using very little flour roll out one ball into a 5" diameter disk.
  13. Carefully lift it and place it on the hot girdle. Cook on each side till golden spots appear on the surface.
  14. Use a wide spatula or a cotton kitchen towel pad to lightly press the roti on both sides.
  15. This helps the roti to not only cook well but also puff up.
  16. Brush butter on one side .
  17. Serve immediately with a kebab of your choice, mint chutney and finely sliced onions.
  18. Repeat the same process with the remaining balls.